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MESSAGE<br><span>Message from the President</span>

Uchiyama Loss Adjusting Co., Ltd.President and CEO, Makoto Uchiyama
Uchiyama Loss Adjusting Co., Ltd.
President and CEO,

Makoto Uchiyama
We are commissioned by general insurance companies and mutual aid societies, etc. to perform general insurance loss adjusting work that greatly influences the determination of the amount in two important phases of "underwriting" and "payment" of general insurance.

Companies are now required to be more transparent and compliant with laws and regulations and it is important for both insurance companies and policyholders to have proper loss evaluations by a third party and settlement of insurance claims based on it.

Our company was established in 1935 and is one of the oldest existing loss adjusting firms. We are proud of the top-class handling volume in Japan and have received high reputation from all parties for the independence and reliability. The history of activities for more than 85 years is with the history of development of Japanese general insurance.

The general insurance industry is steadily undergoing qualitative changes in response to the necessities in the ages. We intend to contribute even a little to the development of general insurance in Japan and the world by capturing various efforts to improve the management efficiency of insurance companies and the trend of globalization. To that end, we will further develop a diverse range of human resources, try coming up with various ideas, search for and implement the ideal way for the future of the loss adjusting firm and meet the expectations of our customers.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

PHILOSOPHY<br><span>Business philosophy</span>

Connecting people and insurance.

Over 85 years of history built since its establishment.
The annual number of cases handled exceeds 60,000.
And with the pride of being the largest loss adjusting firm in Japan.
Through fair and highly specialized loss adjusting,
We contribute to the general insurance business and society.

SERVICE<br><span>Service policy</span>

Offering the top-quality loss adjusting service.

Offering the top-quality loss adjusting service.

Accurately understand customers' requests.
Have the power to respond to them and act without missing the opportunity.
And, through daily study, information based on actual results and appropriate loss adjusting by utilizing various institutions.
We will steadily carry out those activities.

"Wide range of capabilities", "Prompt action", "Proper loss adjusting"

Uchiyama Loss Adjusting Co., Ltd. uses the "Uchiyama Service Standard" manual, which is the code of conduct, to implement these three guidelines.
We are sure to provide the highest quality loss adjusting service.

COMPANY<br><span>Company Profile</span>

Name Uchiyama Loss Adjusting Co., Ltd.
Established April 1, 1935
President Makoto Uchiyama
Location of head office 2-2-17 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Head office phone number 03-5545-8600(Main)

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“By piling up wisdom, tradition, trust and innovation attaining an all-round skillful professional company.”

We have adopted the mark on the left as our corporate symbol that images “Piling up” of our history of more than 85 years, the “connection” and “spread” of loss adjusters in our company.
It looks like just four blue plates piled up, but these represent the four keywords that indicate our future.
1.Gathering "wisdom"
2.Succeeding "tradition"
3.Piling up "trust"
4.Continuing to “innovate”
By piling up our loss adjusting experiences one by one, we hope to earn the trust of our customers and reaching profound work.